Plus: Houthis attack the UAE, a man in Lebanon takes hostages to get back his savings, German court convicts a former Syrian intelligence officer of crimes against humanity, and much more.
Plus: Saudi princess released from prison after three years, Turks to lose trust in Erdogan, mass protests in Lebanon, and much more.
Plus: drones shot down in Iraq, Arab countries to normalize relations with Syria's Assad, Turkish Lira continues to fall, and much more.
What did happen in Lebanon this year? Brain drain, one year after the Beirut blast, Kafala exploitation, Beirut clashes, talks with IMF, and much more.
Plus: new Saudi climate policies, three Hamas members killed in Lebanon, UAE-Israel relations get stronger, and much more.
Plus: Inside the ration card program in Lebanon, France mistakenly arrested a man suspected of killing Saudi journalist Khashoggi, rights groups request…
Plus: Lebanese minister resigns, Mosul complains, first genocide verdict against an Islamic State member, and much more.
Plus: pressure mounts on Justine Bieber in Saudi Arabia, China and Jihadism, Gaddafi's son being disqualified from Libya elections, and much more.
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